Nothing in these trials or on this website is intended to endorse or criticise any specific manufacturer of wind turbines. Both theory and practice are clear that the most significant factor affecting wind turbine performance is the location of the machine, and this trial bears this out. The purpose of the trial is to provide some initial guidance on the relative performances of turbines in different kinds of urban location, covering the maximum number of sites. In other words, where a turbine performs poorly, this is most likely due to the site not the manufacturer (and the same applies where one performs well). If you want to understand the specific benefits and features of individual makes of turbines in different contexts, please speak to the relevant manufacturers.

Encraft have free online calculators for urban wind turbines using manufacturer power curves and Rayleigh distributions of wind speed on our main website. We have found power curves are not generally a good guide to performance on urban sites (but they are often all the information customers have) so these calculators are best read as typically providing upper limits only. They are guides only.

All the sites in the trial are listed below. Each is accompanied by photos and site details when available.

Site logs

Site 1 - Lillington Road

Site 2 - Hill Close Gardens

Site 3 - Princes Drive

Site 4 - Birds Hill

Site 5 - Eden Court 1

Site 6 - Leicester

Site 7 - Southorn Court 1

Site 8 - Ashton Court 1

Site 9 - Napier

Site 10 - Daventry Civic Centre

Site 11 - Ashton Court 2

Site 12 - Southorn Court 2

Site 13 - Daventry Country Park

Site 14 - Fountain Farm

Site 15 - Misty Farm

Site 16 - Eden Court 2

Site 17 - Anglesey

Site 18 - Tannery Court

Site 19 - Nottingham

Site 20 - Aberdeen

Site 21 - Antrobus Road

Site 22 - Sumerfield Crescent

Site 23 - Park Farm 

Site 24 - Northamptonshire

Site 25 - Delta Court

Site 26 - West Staddon

Site 27 - Harrison Way

Site 28 - Huddersfield

Site 29 - Thatcham

Site 30 - Wirral

Results of the first opinion survey (July 2006) can be downloaded here.

Results of the second opinion survey (December 2007) can be downloaded soon.