Microwind - a catalyst for change in UK energy culture?

Welcome to the website for the Warwick Microwind Trial project. This is an open-access project to provide independent and objective data on the performance of rooftop wind turbines on real sites in the UK.

During 2006-2008 we aim to evaluate the contribution rooftop-mounted wind turbines may make to improving the energy performance of existing homes in the UK.


Our final open day was a success...

13 January 2009 - Microwind: The Complete Picture

Visit our open day page to download the presentations from the day.

Visit our briefings and reports page to download the final report from the trial.


This project has been initiated and is led by Encraft - an independent technical organisation providing impartial advice on low carbon technologies for homeowners.

The project is funded by the Pilkington Energy Efficiency Trust, Warwick District Council, BRE Trust and participating homeowners.

It is supported by DTI, BWEA, Warwickshire County Council, Action 21 and the Micropower Council.

A quick note for landlords - landlords protect your boiler with boiler cover.