Microwind: The Complete Picture - 13th January 2009

Presentations to download:

David Hailes - Encraft - Overview of the Warwick Wind Trials

Helen Brown - Encraft - Results of the Warwick Wind Trials

Simon Watson - Loughborough University - Current Academic Work on Microwind

David Sharman - Ampair - An Industry Perspective

Henrietta Stock - Carbon Trust - New Tools and Techniques for Wind Prediction

Alex Murley - BWEA - Economic Opportunities for Small Wind in the UK

Dr Panagiota Pantazopoulou - BRE - Noise Issues and Installation Standards for Small WInd Turbines

Jaryn Bradford - Energy Saving Trust - EST Microwind Field Trials

Encraft are running a series of other events this year. Each seminar will focus on a different aspect of microgeneration or low carbon design. For more information and to register please visit our events page.